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My name is Gianna, but you can call me Gi.

Hey there! Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm a London and New York based freelance event, portrait and commercial photographer. I am also available for creative direction, consultation, and web development. 

Currently: London! Pursuing a Master's in Christianity & the Arts at King's College London I'm studying the theological influence on philosophical aesthetics, religion & spirituality in modern art, and the idea of the beautiful.

Here you will find a medley of things, from my recent collaborations and weekly art & design musings, to my thoughts and personal experiences, travels, and projects. The goal for this space is to balance visual playfulness with intellectual rigour. That is, to not only delight in the colours of a __ but to ask questions

You can usually find me reading the NY Times Modern Love column and contemplating my inability to understand men. 

Hopefully this digital space will be one of visual sound and not visual noise. I think there's too many images out there and as much as I love creating them, I constantly struggle with our image-saturated society and it's ability to dull our senses. 

You will also witness my attempt to reconcile my time of 



Gianna is fascinated by the winsome of the beautifiul

I am fascinated by the winsome of the beautiful, that is, the ability that beauty has to stop us dead in our tracks, to ___, to remove us from that dreary Monday morning and open our eyes a bit wider.

I believe that we live in a world that has lost dimensionality, that we have become flatlanders that have lost the ability to fully perceivee the wonder that surrounds us. 




see notebook. I believe in the immense beauty of our everyday life. Reclaiming wonder, awe, and the ability to truly behold what lies before us. I believe that beauty is not simply a frivolity, but a necessity. And I am talking about beauty at it's core, the beauty that stops us in our tracks, that disarms us and allows us to be open to a world of prismatic possibility.

Hopefully this g

 study beautyGather from essays re art and life etc..