My name is Gianna, but you can call me G. I’m a freelance photographer.


Gianna is a 23 year-old New-York born, London-based photographer who is dedicated to creating visual sound in a world full of visual noise.

Gianna holds an interdisciplinary master’s degree in art history, religion (theology) and philosophy from King’s College London, taught in association with the National Gallery. Throughout her dissertation she explored the nature of visual consumption and how society’s sense of sight has regressed into an appropriative gaze that only seeks visual pleasure.

Our senses are so overstimulated that they have become dull. Our visible realities become commodities. Wondrous things become flattened into wall papers.

She proposed a theological response to this issue, and strongly believes that the way we have been trained to "see" can be changed for the good.

"There was a time," H.G. Wells wrote, "when my little soul shone and

was uplifted by the starry enigma of the sky. That has now

disappeared. I go out and look at the stars in the same way I look at


She is passionate about reframing how we encounter the beautiful, not as something that is flat and pleasurable, but a gift to be participated in, or even an invitation to respond to.

On this site you will find a medley of things; recent photography projects, weekly art and design musings, a glimpse into her quest to recover the lost art of seeing, and written reflections on how to connect the dots between art and life.