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weekly finds | tea time

Hello friends! I am going to start posting weekly with some of my latest discoveries, whether they be art, music, recipes, get the point! Also, keep scrolling for some photos of today's tea party with the lovely Amanda. 


This self-portrait and still life by Swiss painter, Cuno Amiet (28 March, 1868 – 6 July, 1961). 

Selbstbildnis in Rosa / Self-portrait in Rose (1907)

Still Life with Lemons (1910)


Photographer and film director Claire Cottrell,


Spatial Theory: Photographer Franziska Sinn makes an art of de-cluttering (click here for link)

"Disorder in spaces can be very interesting. It leaves something for the imagination – something to explore and discover. Perfect order seems neurotic and triggers destructive thoughts, so I personally find most comfort somewhere in the middle.” – Sigurd Larsen, Architect

...And here are some snaps from today's tea party, complete with Yorkshire Gold Black Tea, miele di tartufo (truffle honey which tastes best with pecorino, but asiago worked just fine), a sweet pear, some lovely company, and my favorite little dessert plates from Anthropologie- highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Pants: Loft, Sweater: J. Crew

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