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weekly finds | blue

Contrary to popular belief, I love colors. I love the way they interact, the way they affect our moods, remind us of certain people or experiences. I am synesthetic so each month, name, letter (etc...) has a color in my mind. Sometimes when I want to say "Red" I say "A" by accident. Below are some of the latest pieces that I have fallen in love with. The rest of my weekly finds are at the bottom of this post. 

Untitled, 2014 mixed media on paper. Kindah Khalidy.

Orchard Tambourines (set of 25 woodcuts), 1999. Sir Terry Frost.

From William Edmond's sketchbook.

From William Edmond's sketchbook.

The weather is most certainly getting warmer and we uncovered the pool a few days ago. Oddly enough, I was immediately drawn to its shades of blue and green, so I photographed it. I thought I would give myself another creative exercise and search for some more blues in my backyard- to remind myself of the beauty that can be found in the everyday and the seemingly mundane (and honestly pretty gross) process of cleaning out the pool.

And of course, some more neutral tones (that are borderline periwinkle). The first from a recent city visit, the second from a dirty table top on my porch.

This rest of this week's finds all happen to be on my desk. And they all happen to be blue. 


This article on A Brief History of Color in Art.


I recently purchased Art Photography Now  by Susan Bright in preparation for my London semester. I haven't dove into it yet but it's next on my list! It is divided by portrait, landscape, narrative, object, fashion, document, and city. 


The Caffe Montanucci branding has made me fall in love with this color. Surprisingly, it makes me think of Italy just as much as the warmer shades of terra cotta. 


I must admit I have hopped on the essential oil bandwagon as of late. I found that my lavender and jasmine oil were making me a bit too relaxed during finals week and needed something to help me concentrate. Peppermint oil improves mental focus while also having a cooling and calming effect. Since this specific bottle is not diluted, I mix it with baking soda to make air fresheners and with coconut oil and sugar to make a homemade body scrub. 



Ciao for now!


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