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tuesdays in florence

I took the early morning train to Firenze yesterday to see this sweet friend! I was falling behind on my work tasks and therefore didn't have time to plan our day together (a very scary feeling, but a necessary practice for the over planner in me). Needless to say, it turned out perfectly. Wandering, catching up, eating, and of course- shopping. Let's consider this Gianna x Maria's short guide to shopping in Florence. 


We started the day at Melrose Vintage, a hidden shop that we passed about two times before actually spotting. But oh wow, was it worth the search. If you ever find yourself in florence, my advice is to skip the crowded markets and dedicate some time to rummaging through this shop. There are hundreds of pieces, all of which are fairly priced and displayed beautifully. I took some iPhone snaps in between trying on dresses and hats, and told the owner, Franco, that I would be back to do some actual photography of his shop, which he was delighted to hear. 

I walked away with a tan suede bomber and a green wool fedora, two pieces that aren't appropriate for the hot Italian summers, but have nonetheless incorporated into various outfits during the past two days. However....the best purchase award goes to Maria for finding these vintage metallic Doc Martens that are in perfect condition. The woman at the counter said that not many people find them in their size, so that if you do, you should take them. So we did. 

Before I go on, allow me to explain the pants that have provoked a number of questions. These are culottes. The french word "culotte" translates to "pants" or "trousers", and "culot" translates to "the lower half of a thing". So there you go. They are cut to resemble a skirt, and were originally developed for women who wanted to ride horses on men's saddles as opposed to riding side saddle (which they wore a skirt for). Although they are ideal in the spring, they have been perfect for summer traveling! These are denim, but I've had my eye on a couple of styles and colors that can be found here.

After Melrose we got lunch at a small cafe with some surprisingly delicious chicken skewers (sorry to disappoint, I had to take a quick break from Italian food) and headed to (or more accurately, stumbled upon) a much busier shopping intersection. Zara was a must, and is where Maria picked up her own pair of these lovely trousers and the floral dress that she is pictured in. And then finally...Sandro Paris. 

My jaw just about dropped. In spite of my attempt to buy more casual clothes I walked away with two dresses, one of which will most likely appear in an upcoming post, and the other is...dare I say....RED. Yes, I promise. Red as red can get. 

And of course, we celebrated our successful shopping excursion with some boomerangs in front of a lovely yellow wall. 


Okay amici, it's time for bed! Ciao for now. 


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