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Hello! Here are some photos to conclude a wonderful weekend! I did some searching for some interesting walls and tones. I have also been contemplating questions regarding the concept of image, specifically considering that we are made in the image of God. After this shoot, my beautiful friend and model shared these amazing words with me. Please enjoy and join the conversation, more detailed reflections to come. Stay tuned! 

God made us in the image of God. In the bible, God hides his face. God is a presence; God is an essence. Yet, He made us in the image of himself. The only idea we have of a picture of God is the image that he has created us in. We are a broken image, but we are an image of God. We don't treat that as holy of a thing as it is. Our understanding of God is based so much in having a healthy understanding of our ourselves and what we are as a reflection of Him.  That's why we recoil against things like photoshopped models and inauthentic Facebook posts--against altered reality.  When we tamper with the authentic, real image that we have, we are tampering with the image of God in us and trying to create it into something that we think is better. The image was broken by sin and we tried to restore it by making it into what we think beauty and truth and image should be. It never works out though, it always feels wrong. We try and fix the brokenness we see as a result of the fall but we can't fix it. We try to fix it ourselves and it just comes out distorted. Only Jesus can fix it with His redeeming and reclothing and renewing work in our lives.

H A N N A H   W A R D E L L

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