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I had the absolute pleasure of photographing an incredibly talented and stunning woman yesterday! This shoot was primarily for my art class, in which I we are exploring geometric and organic lines, but I got carried away and took some portraits as well. It turns out that between locations and shots, we discussed the relationship between creativity and the Christian faith (as well as many other things). I am currently reading "The Timeless Moment" by D. Bruce Lockerbie and it has already (even within the first 40 pages) changed the way I view art and the act of creation. Here are some fun shots, I hope you enjoy this last minute but incredibly fruitful collaboration. I plan to spend a ton of time immersing myself in the intersection of art and faith, and will most definitely share and expound upon my thoughts soon! In the mean time, know that these images were interwoven with beautiful discussion and the beginnings of some great collaborations between kindred spirits. 

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