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Here are some of my favorite Iphone snapshots- all available on my Instagram account and my VSCO grid. VSCO is much more than a hashtag. It stands for Visual Supply Company. Here is an excerpt from their website regarding their mission- I absolutely love the way that they support artists. They are intentional and thoughtful with each thing that they write and share, check them out!


VSCO® is an art and technology company empowering people everywhere to create, discover, and connect. Our goal is to honor art and artist while fueling a worldwide creative movement through innovative tools and experimental projects.


This is about all of us, the creative community, banding together for the sake of beauty and doing what we love. This is about pouring every ounce of blood, sweat and tears into something worth believing in. This is about the power of art for art’s sake and the belief that a photo can change perspectives, moods, and lives. This is about a worldwide movement of millions creating for the love of craft and community.

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